Every spring since 2000, a group of San Francisco's most passionate art collectors have opened their homes to share their exceptional collections with the public, and raise awareness for Enterprise for High School Students at the same time. From connoisseurs to cool hunters, every host is a vibrant part of the fabric of the Bay Area's visual art community.

Each collection is notable for its thoughtful and selective curation. Seeing these exquisite objects in person is only part of the experience; hearing the collectors' personal stories of the relationships they developed with the artists, gallerists and curators along the way brings the work to life.

Your donation includes:

-A visit to a private collection of your choosing.

-An invitation to the Private Collections post-party immediately following with all participants.

Ticket sales benefit Enterprise for High School Students. Private Collections and The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show are Enterprise's two annual fundraising events. Both events make possible award-winning work of job placement, career exploration and skills development for San Francisco's youth.

This Way Ahead is a program of Enterprise for High School Students that supports San Francisco's neediest high school students in obtaining essential job training and understanding the value in higher education. Please help us start a This Way Ahead Next Step Scholarship and support one of these incredible young people in getting access to a college education.

For interviews and inquiries, please contact Sarah Montoro at 415.392.7600 x309 or email smontoro@ehss.org.


2016 Private Collections Committee  
Stephanie Breitbard
Mary Lou Castellanos, Chair
Lesli Fellman
Tatem Read
Stacey Silver
Victoria Zitrin
Host Committee  
Cari Borja
Noel Castellanos
Dave Costello
Kelny Denebeim
Mary Graf
Cynthia Pillsbury
Stephanie Zimand Plexico
Gary Rabkin
Tineke Triggs
Angelina Umansky
Kate Sheridan Chung
Linda Zweig
Board of Directors  
Kate Aiken
Andy Anderson
Marcy Bergman
Diane Blattner Kresal
Toby Brown
Mary Lou Castellanos
Lesli Fellman
Andrea Dublin
Michael J. Franzia
Lulu Gordon
Jeff Hocking, President
Deborah Perry
Joseph M. Petitti
Jason Sinnarajah
Dave English
Keith Herbert
Victoria Zitrin

With sincere thanks,

Tony DiStefano
Executive Director